General Terms And Conditions

The acceptance of your enrolment or reservation shall be subject to the General Terms and Conditions of HILF!GmbH as stated hereunder:



  • It is possible to make reservations. We will keep this open 2 weeks before the course starts. In case there is no obliging order available, we reserve the right to cancel this reservation.
  • You can submit your enrolment for our Open Training Courses by fax using our form, e-mail or through our homepage. As the number of participants is limited, we highly recommend the enrolments to be made as early as possible. They will be considered in the order of their receipt then. The closing date for enrolment submittal shall be two weeks prior to the commencement of the course. We reserve the right to extend it to one week or shorter.
  • Your enrolment immediately will be acknowledged by fax or e-mail called "Acknowledgement of Registration". Such confirmation, however, does not imply any promise in relation to the course itself: you will get such confirmation (called "Confirmation") either by fax or e-mail as soon as there is a sufficient number of enrolments available.
  • Concurrently with your enrolment, you agree to the electronic processing and storage of your personal data for internal purposes only.
  • All this also applies to conferences and events, unless not stated in a different way in announcement or programme.



Before attending our courses each student shall make sure to have the appropriate prerequisite or adequate course attended as noticed in each course description. Otherwise, please contact us otherwise in advance.



Open Training Courses in Germany:
The course fees (plus value added tax where applicable) as stated in our current training programme shall apply. The right to errors and changes in pricing shall be reserved. The respectively applicable programme can be obtained through our training centre or homepage. The participation fee includes the following: the course documents, the refreshments during breaks, the joint lunch, as well as the necessary utilisation of technical facilities and systems in our course rooms.

For labs, please bring your own laptop computer.

In-house Trainings (On Site in Your Premises):
Please ask us for a quote for in-plant training. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed offer.

Conferences and Events:
Depending on announcement/programme.

Consultations and Developments:
Depending on expenditure. Please enquire your detailed offer.


Invoices /Terms of Payment


  • The amount invoiced shall be due upon receipt and remitted, without any deduction, and shall be effected in Euro only. Any offset shall be prohibited, unless there are undisputed or legally valid counter claims available.
  • Please use credit cards or make invoices payable to either our bank account listed at the bottom of our invoice or make checks payable to HILF!GmbH always by stating our invoice number.
  • Open class registration will be invoiced after issuing course "Confirmation". In-plant courses shall be billed after completion of the course. Should payment receipt be no longer possible prior to the commencement of the course, we shall be entitled to require the course fee to be paid on the first day of the course by cheque or in cash payment.
  • No temporary participation in training shall give you any title to reduce the fee.
  • Any bank fees or expenses shall be borne by the customer.
  • Any summation with a cross claim is excluded.



Please book your hotel accommodation for Open Training participation well in advance. See the hotel list available on our homepage.



Open Trainings in Germany:
If your enrolment is cancelled within the 10h working day prior to the commencement of the course only (where the very day of course beginning is not included in counting), we shall charge you with a cancellation fee amount of 50% of the regular participation fee (without discount). Should you cancel within 7 days prior to the beginning of the course or not appear in the course, full participation fee shall be paid in any case. Unless not stated in a different way in announcement or programme, these appointed cancellation times are also applied to conferences and events. You may, however, appoint another female or male participant without any extra charge or administrative fee.

Inhouse / On-site Trainings (Customer Specific Trainings or Workshops):
In case of cancellation of the booking of an inhouse training, the resulting fee of the number of days and daily rate is due (excluding registration fee , expenses and travel expenses of the trainer). Should HILF!GmbH at the time of have had already preparatery efffort like special preparation , specific material purchase, or similar, then these costs will be added on top of the resulting fee, as well as any cancellation charges for travel tickets or similar.
Rebooking of an in-house training can take place only at a date agreed with us and must be confirmed by us in writing. It is free of charge to the eleventh week before the seminar.
For any change from the tenth week prior to the seminar, we charge a reebooking fee. It is made up of number of days and the daily rates of the relevant training (or it sums up to the agreed all-inclusive price package price where any saved expenses will be deducted). If any cancellation charges for travel tickets or similar incures, these will be added to the rebookung fee. This invoice is due within 10 days.
Was the transfer still within the tenth and seventh week before the seminar and the rebooking fee by the due date has been paid in full, so we reserve the right, to issue a credit item of 50% of the rebooking fee without legal claim. It is set against the actual seminar invoice which is issued after the execution of the training.
Was the transfer still within the sixth and fifth week before the seminar and the rebooking fee by the due date has been paid in full, so we reserve the right to issue a credit item of 20% of the rebooking fee without legal claim. It is set against the actual seminar invoice which is issued after the execution of the training. For any change from the fourth week before the seminar no refund of the rebooking fee is possible.

Any cancellation shall be made in writing or by fax, preferably. In case of delivery through postal services, the date of receipt in our premises shall decide, not that of the post stamp.




  • All our trainings, consulting and engineering services will be prepared by our employees with knowledge of the subject and utmost care possible and designed such that any attentive participant will be able to reach the course's aim. For training success, however, we shall not be liable. We accept the non-recurring responsibility for any damage caused by our employees wilfully or in gross negligence (whichever the legal justification may be) up to a total sum amounting to the course price paid or the total recompense, the maximum amount of which, however, shall not exceed EUR 15,000.-. However, any further liability and responsibility acceptance for consequentials shall be excluded.
  • We reserve the right to exchange trainers or to place freelancers in position as well as to postpone dates or to cancel courses due to organisational reasons (e.g. when the course type-depending minimum number of participants required is not reached or in case of short-term cancellation due to sickness of the lecturer concerned, force majeure or other unforeseeable events). In case of a withdrawal effected by HILF!GmbH, we shall try to alter your booking to another date and/or place of event provided that you would be agreeable thereto. If not, you shall, of course, be reimbursed any fee already paid in advance. Further claims, however, shall not arise therefrom.
  • We shall neither be liable for any and all consequential damages caused by cancellation of a training course, conference, event, consulting or engineering service nor, in particular, for any profit lost or third party claims. Besides, we shall not accept any responsibility in case of loss of, or damage to, the course participants' property or in case of accidents. This shall also apply to damages that may be caused due to viruses dwelling on copied disks and public domain software.
  • Disks or other electronic media brought along by course participants or third parties must, in principle, not be copied to our computers. A network connection between our LAN and one or more computers brought with the course participants must not be installed. Should HILF!GmbH suffer any damage due to contravention, we shall reserve the right to claim for compensations.


Copyright, Protection by Copyright and Data Protection

Any rights, including those of translation, reprint and copying the course documents or excerpts thereof, shall remain with HILF!GmbH. Without our approval in writing, the training documents, neither in their entirety nor in parts in any form whatsoever, shall, even for instructional purposes, not be reproduced, passed over to third parties or, particularly by using electronically or otherwise processing systems, be copied, processed or utilised for reproductions in public. We reserve the right to upgrade or modify the training documents and contents thereof.
In our courses, we use software that is protected by copy and trademark rights. Hence, such software must neither be copied nor processed in any other form or removed from our course rooms.

We offer no guarantee to the effect that the above-mentioned procedures, products or brands utilised during the rendering of our services will be free of any third party industrial property right.

We store your company name, name and contact data of attendees, interests and send you Newsletter from time to time. We can reduce data storing to the minimum requirements legal wise and unsubsribe your Newsletter if you send an Email "unsubscribe" to


Prohibition of enticement

Due to the extraordinary confidential relationship, which is necessary for the cooperation with our customers when passing on complex and subtle operating methods, we bind ourselves to secrecy. For the same reason, it is expressly stipulated that for the whole duration of the contractual relationship and for a further waiting period of 24 months our customers undertake not to influence our employees and freelancers directly or indirectly to establish a new employment or freelancer relationship with our customer or affiliated companies (enticement). If our customer violates this restrictive condition, he will have to pay EUR 5.200 as a forfeit for every month the lured employee or freelancer was employed with us, but for a maximum period of 12 months.



These General Terms and Participation Conditions shall remain binding in their remaining parts, even in case of legal inefficacy of any individual provision thereof. Instead of the ineffective provision that comes as close to the sense and purpose of the ineffective provision as possible shall be deemed agreed upon. In any case, modifications shall be subject to approval by HILF!GmbH in writing. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall exclusively govern the contractual relationship and its execution. Place of juristication shall be Munich.

(Release: 29/07/2016)

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