BSP Development

What is a BSP?

Buildup of a Windows Embedded System with BSP shown!

A Board Support Package (BSP) is an adaption layer of the Windows Embedded OS familiy for the underlying hardware. Similar to the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), the BSP represents the foundation for accessing the different parts of an Embedded System. Furthermore, all necessary external drivers are defined by the BSP.

Typically, Standard-BSPs or "Reference Design-BSPs" are provided by the CPU manufacturers or by Microsoft. So called OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and board manufacturers, however, in order to port a Windows Embedded CE System to a new platform, require a special and adapted BSP.

BSP development - Which tasks are included?

The BSP development process consists of different sub-tasks. The first steps include cloning a Standard Microsoft BSP, adapting or develop boot loader and/or driver.

Overview of the BSP Development Process

What does HILF!GmbH offer?

Our Embedded Software Team is highly experienced in developing and porting BSPs for numerous Realtime- and Embedded systems, including ARM, x86, PowerPC, XScale, DSP and Motorola processor families.

Customized for your requirements, we will provide exactly what you need: from simple porting up to complete solutions including boot loader and driver development. But that´s not all: Additionally, our Embedded specialists are also offering trainings.

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