Perforce: Technology and Best Practices (Deutsch)/(English)

Course Description

This in-depth class includes lectures, exercises and discussion, and covers subjects as given below.

Classroom exercises are conducted on Windows. The material is relevant to all platforms on which Perforce runs.

Course Content

  • The Perforce client programs
    • command line
    • windows and cross platform GUIs
  • The Perforce system architecture and user interfaces
  • Understanding depots, workspaces, and client view maps
  • Basic user operations
    • creating workspaces
    • working with files and changelists
    • submitting changelists
    • keeping workspaces in sync with the depot
  • Parallel development
    • merging files
    • resolving file conflicts
  • Branching and codeline management
    • repository structure patterns
    • branching and process support patterns
  • User protections and access permissions
  • Process support with changelists, jobs, and review markers; the change review daemon
  • Perforce metadata reporting techniques
  • System administration
    • installation
    • resource management
    • database checkpointing and recovery
  • Troubleshooting and error recovery


Software development or support experience. Familiarity with at least one operating system (Unix, Windows NT, etc.).

Target Group

Software Engineers.