Multimedia and video transmitting over the internet (Deutsch)/(English)

Course Description

In this course, students will be introduced to the principles and current technologies of multimedia systems. Issues in effectively representing, processing, and retrieving multimedia data, such as image and video, will be addressed.

This course will cover topics in the emerging area of multimedia systems including (not limiting to) the following:

• Fundamentals of multimedia, including media and data streams, image, graphics, video.

• Topics in data compression including coding requirements, source, entropy, and hybrid coding, JPEG, H.261/264, MPEG, MP3 and etc.

• Multimedia operating system issues such as real-time scheduling, resource management, file and storage systems, and Multimedia networking.

• Multimedia presentation requirements, reference model, and synchronization techniques.

• Multimedia database issues such as data organization, indexing and retrieval.


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Target Group

Min 3years Experience S/W designers.

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