Multicore Programming in C/C++ (Deutsch)/(English)

Course Description

Do you know “Heisenbugs”? Bugs that only occur if you do not look at them; they disappear in a debugger.

Novice multi-threaded programming is known for its Heisenbugs: your code usually works, but not always. Difficult race conditions and deadlocks prove to be a hard time for software architects and programmers. University used to only teach "Dijkstra": mutexes, semaphores and the like. But thats just the beginning of multi-threaded programming!

This course will teach the use of a solid set of parallel design patterns, good guidelines on thread-safe API design and a lot of real-world use cases from years and years of experience by our partner Vector Fabrics, who will conduct this course. Our partner, Vector Fabrics, is a company that has specialized in multicore programming since 2007.


Course participants are expected to have practical knowledge of C or C++ and a rudimentary knowledge of operating systems, either POSIX-compliant (Linux, Android, BSDs) or Windows.

The training exercises will be done on a Linux “live USB stick” on your own laptop.

Target Group

This course is intended for practicing software designers, software developers and quality engineers who work on multicore SMP and AMP systems.

Course Material

  • Workbook with slides, exercises and cheat sheets
  • USB stick with “live Linux” containing all tools and all exercises for Windows and Linux
  • “Multicore Programming Practices” by The Multicore Association

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