MPC5500 Family (Deutsch)/(English)

Course Description

In the first part of the course, an overview of the structure and features of the new MPC5500-family is offered. Furthermore, the differences between the new MPC5500-family and the MPC5xx-family are shown. At present, these are the MPC5553 (working title "Moccasin")and the MPC5554 (working title "Copperhead") and the MPC556x family (e.g. MPC5567 "Tiger"). New announced family members by Freescale will be added dynamically to the course contents whenever possible.

The processor will be mainly explained from the software point of view. Main focus will be the new peripheral functions as well as the new features of the CPU e200z6. This includes cache, Floating Point Unit (FPU), multiport functions by using the crossbar, the MMU as well as the improved interupt controller. Additionally the programming model will be explained, a survey of the enhanced instruction set and the reset functions will be given. After that, the features and functionality of the MPC5554 sub systems such as SIU, DMA, DSPI/DMA, eQADC/DMA, eTPU, eSCI, eMIOS and FlexCAN will be discussed.

A demo in which the MPC5554 evaluation board or a simulator, a C-compiler and debugger are used, will be introduced if required. According to the time frame, exercises are arranged either in theory or in practice.

Course Content

  • Overview, MPC55xx Roadmap
  • Core CPU e200z6
    • Programming model
    • Classical PowerPC base instruction set
    • New e500z6 instructions
    • Interrupts and interrupt controller
    • Memory Management Unit (MMU)
    • Cache
    • Crossbar
  • Initialization
    • Device configuration
    • Software initialization checklist
  • Peripherals and Flash
    • DMA overview
    • eMIOS/DMA
    • eTPU
    • eQADC/DMA
    • FlexCan overview
    • DSPI/DMA
    • Flash
  • Tools
    • Nexus summary
    • Appendix: ABI Application Binary Interface


Training course "PowerPC Architecture". No prior MPC5554 knowledge is assumed. Knowledge of the MPC5xx-family and basic knowledge of Embedded Systems is helpful. C programming knowledge is required for possible exercises.

Target Group

System designers and software engineers who need to get familiar with the structure and functionality of the MPC5554 peripheral blocks.

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