Embedded Controller Fundamentals (Deutsch)/(English)

Course Description

This course offers an insight into the terminology of IT and computer science. Furthermore, the participant is introduced to the fundamental parts of a computer. Above all, students learn about the functionality of a computer. The students will examine the labs on a small microcontroller board using a line-assembler or using the tool chain. For this reason, a simple traffic light control system is used as an example, in order to explain the hardware and software.

The student's choice between two controller architectures / eval boards:

- HCS12 with line assembler or tool chain CodeWarrior from Freescale or

- ATmega with tool chain AVR Studio from Atmel

The student may take home the Freescale board.

This course on a long-term base was named "Basic Microprocessors" and since then has been enhanced by several other microcontroller family architectures ande features.

Course Content

  • IT/computer terminology
    • Client / Server Systems
    • Emdedded Systems
  • Numbering Systems
  • Microprocessor Architectures/Features
    • Von-Neumann
    • Pipelining / Superpipelining
    • Harvard
    • Scalar / Superscalar
    • CISC / RISC
    • Dual / Multi-Core
  • Computer Layer Model
  • Basic microcomputer operation
    • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
    • Memory
    • Input / Output
    • Peripheral
    • Operating System (OS)
    • Memory- / File Organization
  • Bus System
  • Programming languages
  • Hardware Architecure
  • A Minimal System
  • Basic instruction flow
  • Basic Freescale MC68HCS12 Architecture
    • Programming Model
    • Memory Map
    • Two different kind of Registers
    • Flags / Condition Codes
    • Start ( Reset )
    • Addressing Modes
    • Selected Instructions
  • Basic Atmel ATMega Architecture
    • Programming Model
    • Memory Map
    • Data, I/O and Program accesses
    • Flags / Condition Codes
    • Start ( Reset )
    • Addressing Modes
    • Selected Instructions
  • Selected Microcontrollers
    • Freescale ColdFire und MC68000-Familie
    • Freescale PowerPC MPC5500
    • ARM Controllers
    • Intel
    • Atmel
    • Texas Instruments MSP430
    • Renesas
    • Digital Signal Processor DSP56800
    • Background Debug Mode - BDM / Nexus / JTAG
  • Parallel/Serial Output
  • Interrupts and Stack
  • Traffic light control example
  • Development systems
  • Development methods / C language - future prospect
  • Hands-on labs using a Freescale HCS12 Board either with a Line Assembler or using the integrated development environment (IDE)CodeWarrior
  • Hands-on labs using a Atmel ATMega Board with the integrated development environment (IDE) AVR Studio


Basic knowledge of digital technology are of advantage.

Target Group

Engineers, technicians, project managers, skilled workers, test personnel

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