Effective C++ in RT/Embedded Systems (Deutsch)/(English)

Course Description

Embedded/Real-Time systems are characterized by memory and performance constraints. Deep understanding of the C++ constructs and mastering the language for efficient writing, is therefore vital, and may be even crucial in these systems. The course reveals the hidden overheads and strengths of the language and its mechanisms. The course presents the capabilities, limitations, hazards, and tips and tricks, for better performance and better utilization of memory capabilities of the language, for you to use as an expert programmer in an Embedded/Real-Time environment. The course will also present performance issues associated with the code generated by typical C++ compilers, and various optimization issues. Some benchmarks will be presented as well, to prove and illustrate the improvements that can be made in a project, in order to achieve the best performance and memory results.

Target Group

Min 3years Experience S/W designers.

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