Effective C# and Advanced Techniques (Deutsch)/(English)

Course Description

In this course, programmers will be introduced to practical advice on how to improve productivity when using the C# language and the .NET library. This means writing code which is, first of all, correct (i.e., it does not contain common mistakes) and secondly, which performs well. Like any programming language, C# contains traps and pitfalls that can compromise the quality of one code. On the other hand, C# also contains some unique features that, if used properly, can vastly improve the quality of one applications. Getting to know these various corners of the language, is the objective of this course; to learn how to avoid common mistakes and take advantage of helpful features. Different c++ and Java practices will be discussed, in order to learn which may cause problems in C# along with key items, or minitopics, related to the most-frequently-asked questions encountered by the c# community.

Target Group

Min 3 years Experience as S/W designer.

Course Material

  • course notes

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