ColdFire MCF5xxx (Deutsch)/(English)

Course Description

This three-day course covers all the necessary topics of the selected on-chip peripheral modules including system integration techniques. This cost effective 'variable length' RISC Controller is an excellent mixture between a traditional RISC and a common CISC processor architecture. Due to upward compatibility this is the sucessor of the legendary M68000 controller family. The resulting adavantages will be highlighted and the differences explained.

First, the course features an overview of the MCF5xxx family members which currently includes MCF5206e, MCF5307, MCF5407. MCF5272, MCF5249 und MCF5282. New announced family members by Freescale will be added dynamically to the course contents.

The software part handles the programming model as well as addressing modes and selected instructions. Other topics are program examples (init routines, timer and DUART examples, etc), code density, and exception processing.

The hardware handles the System Integration Module (SIM). This covers external bus interface and bus timings as well as the chip selects, the DRAM controller and system security. The chapter On-board Debug Module is also a part of this.

To discuss the peripheral subsystem functionality is one of the main topics. This includes on-chip caches, timer, DUART, QSPI and the PWM module. Upon request only and remaining schedule time the modules Ethernet, USB and/or PLIC may be covered.

Course Content

  • ColdFire Family Overview
  • Programming Model
  • Instruction Set (selected)
  • In comparison with M68000 family
  • Exceptions, Interrupts and Reset
  • External Bus Interface
  • Chip Selects
  • System Protection
  • DRAM Controller
  • Background Debug Interface
  • On-Chip Timer
  • On-Chip Caches
  • UARTs
  • M-Bus Interface
  • DMA Controller
  • I2CBus Module
  • Init routines in Assember and C
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Internal architecture
  • optional: USB, Ethernet


32, 16 orr 8-Bit Microprocessor/Microcontroller knowledge / experience.

Target Group

System designers and software engineers that want to get acquainted with the performance features and functions of the ColdFire processor family.

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